2024異象 Vision

Vision 2024 :
Read God's Word – receive God's Revelation.

     For this year (2024), the Lord put on our hearts to hear His voice through His Word. We not only want to read the Bible to understand its content, but we want to receive revelation, which means we will understand something that is related to our life and our current situation. We can also call it a “Rhema Word” – a personal word from God to us! In this season we are bombarded with all kinds of information. Especially in social media, we never know what is true or false, what is written by real people or by AI. The world and our lives become more and more complex. Therefore, we need to be rooted in God’s Word. Psalm 119:105 says “Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path.” When we read the beginnings of the Bible, we often are amazed how deep the Word of God is written. Stories of Cain and Abel, or of Joseph and his brothers can reveal God’s answers for many of our personal or social problems today. Let us dedicate this year 2024 to hear God’s voice to our lives in a deeper way and thus experience a transformation through the revelation and love of our Heavenly Father! It’s never too late to start reading God’s Word with our Bible Reading Plan!
 January 2024, Pastor Johannes

2024年異象:閱讀神的話 — 領受神的啟示!
2024年,神給我們一個感動要透過祂的話來聆聽祂的聲音。不僅是要讀聖經了解內容,更要領受能明白我們生活中或目前處境上相關事情的啟示。這樣的啟示也稱為"神的道/Rhema Word"— 就是神要對我們個人所說的話!在現今時代,我們被各種資訊轟炸。特別是在社群媒體,我們永遠不知道何為真假,抑或內容是由真人還是AI(人工智慧)所撰寫。世界和我們的生活變得越來越複雜。因此,我們需要紮根於神的話語。詩篇119:105提到『你的話是我腳前的燈,是我路上的光。』當讀到聖經的起頭,總是會為神話語的深奧感到驚嘆。透過該隱和亞伯,或約瑟和他兄弟的故事,進而向我們揭示神對現今許多個人或社會問題的答案。讓我們在2024年致力於更深地聆聽神對我們生命所要說的話語,透過天父的啟示和愛來經歷轉變!跟著我們的 讀經進度表 開始閱讀神的話,永遠不嫌晚!
Vision 2023 :
Depending on the Spirit of God 

Not by might, nor by power,
but by my spirit,
saith the LORD of hosts.

2023 異象 : 倚靠神的靈
萬 軍 之 耶 和 華 說 :
不 是 倚 靠 勢 力 , 不 是 倚 靠 才 能 ,
乃 是 倚 靠 我 的 靈 方 能 成 事 。

Vision 2022: Walking together
      Again, this vision seems simple at the first glance. However, after the shaking of the COVID19 season, the family of God needs to return to the oneness which our Heavenly Father desires. For Dayspring Church, this means to align to our values of worship, God’s Word, unity, as well as serving and reaching out to this new generation.
      Thanks to our RPG prayer groups, the fellowship and mutual ministry was upheld during the COVID19 crises. Even though we could not always meet physically, God worked in the hearts of those who followed His guidance.
      Now is a time to regather and receiving a new wineskin with new wine. Things should not be as they were before. There is more clarity of what really matters. The world is so fragile, we cannot depend on the wisdom of this world.
      Recently God spoke to us through Rom.15:1 “We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves”. There is a call for those who grew strong through these years to stand together in their position within the Body of Christ.
      Practically speaking, our Cell Groups will be renewed and refined. In this new season we want to stand together, serve, and reach out to those who are seeking directions or stability in their lives. The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few. If Romans 15:1 speaks to you, then stand firm on your position, no matter if you are a leader or a supporter. Bear with others, serve others, use your gifts, commit to our physical gatherings, come on time, pray with us before the Sunday Service. It is with those committed members that God can move Dayspring to a next level. Walking together includes a sacrifice. As Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, “not my will, but your will be done”, so this should also be our prayer. Walking together will enable us to truly love one another and please the Father’s heart. When His glory will be tangible, we will be a testimony for many new friends who seek meaning in life.
      For those who feel stagnation in their lives, God will challenge you to become active in ministry. Turn from “expecting” to “providing”, from “passivity” to “action”, from a spectator to a participant.
      As we walk together, join us each Sunday, worship with us, pray with us, make it a priority in your life for you and your family. Also, join a cell group and become an active part of the Body of Christ by investing your life in God’s Kingdom.

God is building His Church! And you can be part of it!

       最近上帝用 羅馬書 15:1 我們堅固的人應該擔代不堅固人的軟弱, 不求自己的喜悅 對我們提醒,要呼召那些多年來越發成長堅固的人在他們的位子上,同時也是在基督的肢體上一同站立〪
       實務上,我們將會更新我們的小組〪在這個新季節中我們想要一同站立,服事,並向那些在生命中尋找方向和穩定的人傳福音〪要收的莊稼多,作工的人少〪如果 羅馬書15:1也對你的心說話,那麼就在你的位子站穩,不論你是小組長或是支持者〪一同承擔,服事彼此,使用你的恩賜,委身在團契/聚會裡,準時出席,參與主日的會前禱告〪正是有了這些委身的人,上帝將提升晨光教會到下一個層次〪同行包括了獻祭〪如同耶穌在客西馬尼園的禱告,“不要從我的意思,只要從你的意思”,這也應該成為我們的禱告〪同行將使我們能真實的相愛,並使父神的心喜悅〪當祂的榮耀彰顯時,我們將成為那些尋找生命意義的新朋友們的見證〪


vision 2021
    “Out of the basement”. When I received this word, I didn’t want to interpret it right away. In the natural it might mean that we will find a new place for worship in order to leave this basement facilities. On the other hand, it could be interpreted spiritually, meaning that we are not primarily serving within the 4 walls of our church, but go out to preach the gospel, connect with other churches, and serve for the Kingdom of God to come to our city, nation, homes and marketplace.
      This vision therefore, demands our prayer and discernment, so when we see doors opening or opportunities arising, we will move according to the will of God for Dayspring. Let us all be alert and sensitive to God’s leading, so we can continue to walk together and experience how God is building His church!

Pastor Johannes Kuehhorn, March 2021

異象 2021



Vision 2020:  Building Up The Next Generation

Psalm 127:
1. Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.
    Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.

2. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat
    — for he grants sleep to those he loves.

3. Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.
4. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.
5. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.
    They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents 
    in court.
God spoke to us already during the year 2019 about focusing on the “next generation”. This year is the 20th year anniversary of Dayspring Church. Those of us who were part of the beginning years of the church planting realized that we grew older. There is a desire to walk together with the next generation, but we need to learn to understand them and cannot just lead them with our own expectations. Without the next generation, our church will die down. Without young leaders, we will lose strength. However, we need to be willing to give young people space to grew, not criticizing them when they make mistakes, but stand with them as they make their own experiences on their way to maturity, just like we did before. Building up a new generation means also, many of us need to become spiritual fathers and mothers, with a heart to love and cover the next generation. We need to make room for them and even learn from them. I personally decided to come back to the leadership team of the youth ministry. Every Saturday evening, I mingle with the young people, laugh with them, cry with them and grow with them. I believe that God allowed many brothers and sisters in Dayspring to grow mature and have the same desire for our future, to build up the next generation.
Pastor Johannes (2020)

晨光教會2020異象- 興起下一個世代
Vision 2020: Building up the next generation.


1. 若不是耶和華建造房屋,建造的人就枉然勞力;若不是耶和華看守城池,


2. 你們清晨早起,夜晚安歇,吃勞碌得來的飯,本是枉然;


3. 兒女是耶和華所賜的產業;所懷的胎是他所給的賞賜。

4. 少年時所生的兒女好像勇士手中的箭。

       上帝已在2019年告訴我們要專注在『下一個世代』。 今年是晨光教會創立的第20年。 從早期創建教會就一起同行的家人們也意識到我們都變老了。 也有個渴望想與下個世代一起同行, 但我們需要學習了解他們。 不能只是按我們的期望來帶領他們。 沒有下一代, 我們的教會將會逐漸消失(殞滅)。 少了年輕的領袖, 我們將會失去力量。
       然而, 我們需要願意給年輕世代成長的空間, 當他們犯錯時不是批評, 而是在做的過程中與他們同站立, 讓他們用自己的方式去做,也透過經驗來長大成熟, 就像我們從前一樣。 興起一個新的世代也意味著, 我們當中有許多人需要成為屬靈的爸爸和媽媽, 有一顆去愛和遮蓋下一代的心。 我們需要給他們空間, 甚至向他們學習。  
       我個人決定回到青少年團契的領導團隊。 每週六晚上, 我和青少年們在一起, 與他們一同歡笑一同流淚也一同成長。 我相信上帝讓許多晨光的兄弟姐妹們變得成熟, 也對我們的未來有同樣的渴望, 來興起下一代。

Vision 2019 Serving together
    After the vision of 2018 “Serving each other”, God showed us that it is time for looking outward of our church. We grew together for a purpose and that purpose is to now serve together those who do not know about God.     
    We are to be salt and light in this world (Mt.5:13-16). In 2019 some new ministries are established, like “Q-Yin”, a ministry for elderly people who need our care. A one year Bible School will equip members and as a result, we also started some new cell groups. Wherever God opens a door, we are ready to serve together with our gifts, depending on the power of the Holy Spirit and on God’s leading.

晨光教會異象2018 - “彼此服事”
Dayspring Vision 2018 “Serving One Another”, P. Johannes 2018/1
加拉太書5:13 弟兄們、你們蒙召、是要得自由.只是不可將你們的自由當作放縱情慾的機會.總要用愛心互相服事。
       神想要建造祂的教會。如果我們希望晨光教會能夠成為“  神的教會”而不是“我們的教會”的話,那麼我們就必須集體地來分辨祂的旨意與引導。我們必須順服祂,並犧牲我們自己的想法與夢想—這是為了要能夠看見 神使用我們來完成祂的計畫。這對於領袖甚至對於會友來說都是最困難的任務之一。我們對於教會應該是怎麼樣的,往往都會有“我們希望”的想法,即便“我們喜歡的”和“我們所想”的都正確而重要,但是我們又該如何分辨這是否來自於 神的旨意與帶領呢?我們對於 神的理解來自於祂的話語--聖經,以及透過祂的創造,包括我們思考的能力、感覺與溝通。藉由聖經所寫下的語話,我們因而有一個根基能去測試我們所做的分辦。隨著我們的基督徒性格更為長大成熟,我們於是能夠分辨環境、需要及我們會友所提供的機會。神可以用許多方式對我們說話,例如藉由聖經話語、某種經驗、夢或異象等等。藉由成熟會員們的共同分辨,於是我們能夠領受這些指引。
       在2017年晨光領受了異象來專注在“成為一家人”之後,我們看見了許多這個異象的彰顯。小組領袖們定期碰面並開始有了更為深刻的彼此連結,以及與牧者團隊的連結。不同的世代們開始一起服事,就像青少年與社青或成人與小孩,甚至是這四個群體的彼此支持。而這當中的極致可以在我們一起參與的聖誕節活動中看見。我們所準備的那齣戲劇表演和什麼有關呢?就是一個家庭啊! 有青少年、社青及成人(長者)三個世代在這個劇中演出,是有關  神如何藉由爺爺分享其信仰來進入一個失功能受傷家庭的經過。在最後,所有的家人之間有了真實的合一與愛發生在他們中間。不是刻意的情況下,我們的青少年領袖“咪咪”寫出了這樣的一部劇本,因而讓  神確認了2017年之異象的滿足與完成。一個家並不是完美的,因此我們必須不斷地其中努力。但是一個家庭必須藉由丈夫與妻子的立約來誕生。  神也是和祂的教會立約而有了耶穌與祂的新婦(教會)而成為這個家庭。為了2018,有一位我們教會的姊妹提到了“彼此服事”的這句話。在一開始聽起來覺得是一個非常普通的口號,是無論如何我們總是應該去做的事。那這又如何成為我們這一年的“異象”呢。是的,所謂的“異象”意味著我們看到某些事情的圖像,而我們希望它成為實際。在“成為家人”(2017異象)之後,我想它是非常合適讓我們繼續發展成“彼此服事”的這個態度。如果每個人能夠知道他的恩賜,並且知道該在什麼地方用上這份力量來服事其它家庭成員,那麼這個家庭就能夠運作得非常好。
       傳統的家庭模式看來會是媽媽為家人烹調健康的食物、而爸爸則出去工作來照顧家庭的經濟。即便這個模式並不見得是必然的,但它仍然作為一個彼此服事的好範例而發揮著作用。想像孩子們在吃完飯之後洗碗,並且讓“媽媽”能夠休息的畫面吧,若是這樣的話,那麼任何一個家庭成員都能進入服事。教會並不單單只是一個“家庭”,也可以被稱為基督的身體,藉由每一位信徒在這身體中發揮其指定的功能。我的信念是教會中的每個人都是重要的,並且都被呼召來進行某項事工。只要我們幫助每個人去找到他們的呼召、並且與上帝的旨意“對齊”,那麼新婦就能成為“美麗的新婦”。不要嘗試用自己的想法來要求“基督的完美新婦”。因為這永遠不會發生。而且也不要把焦點放在他人的軟弱上。幫助他們,遮蓋這些軟弱,然後開始去發掘他們在教會中的潛力!當我們發展出一個更深刻了解何謂“彼此服事”的感受力時,那麼這個家庭就會更加強壯,而上帝的榮耀與智慧便可以在我們的團契中被看見。這將是在分享福音中的一個重要的部份,好消息就是耶穌,他讓我們得自由,好讓我們在愛中彼此服事。在加拉太書5:13中,保羅清晰地寫出這些原則。透過耶穌在十字架上為人們而死,我們已經從罪的綑綁中得到自由。當我們讓耶穌成為我們的 主與救主,我們離開生命的寶座。我們已經得原諒與潔淨,並能夠在 神的恩典中領受完全的醫治。
       這份自由會讓我們喜樂、敬拜神、享受神,且且透過聖靈活出新的生命。保羅說,我們必須了解這份自由的目的。當我們回頭去作“我們想要”的時候,我們實際上會再次失去這份自由。我們放釋放得到這份自由來彼此服事的。我們擁有 神的愛,神的耐心、神的力量等等。像家人那樣地一起同行,承擔彼此的重擔、彼此服事並一起敬拜吧! 今年,2018,可以是我們用更深刻的方式彼此服事的一年。你該如何造就你的弟兄姊妹呢?什麼樣的恩賜是你能夠發展來被主使用建造祂的教會的呢? 如果你不問“那我呢?”-你將會是最大的受益者,而是“我可以怎麼樣服事他們!”。 這是可以在許多享有豐盛生命的成熟基督徒身上所看到的原則—他們“彼此服事”。


Dayspring Vision 2018
“Serving One Another”
Gal.5:13 “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.”
        God wants to build His church. If we want Dayspring Church to be “God’s Church” rather than “our church”, then we need to corporately discern His will and his guidance. We need to submit to him and sacrifice our own ideas and dreams for the sake of seeing God using us for His purposes. This is one of the most difficult task for a leader and even for a member. We all have ideas of how “we want” church to be, what “we like” and what “we think” is right and important. But how do we discern the will of God and his guidance?
        We know God through His Word, the Bible, and through creation, which includes our capacity to think, feel and communicate. Through the Bible, we have a foundation by which we can always test our discernment with the written word. As we grow mature in our Christian Character, we then can discern the circumstances, needs and opportunities of our congregation. God can speak to us in many ways, like through a biblical word, an experience, dreams or visions, etc. Through the corporate discernment of mature members, we then can receive such guidance.
        After 2017 Dayspring received the vision to focus on “becoming a family”, we saw many manifestations of this vision. The Cell Group Leaders met regularly and started to relate deeper with each other and with the pastoral leadership. Different generations started to serve together, like youth with young adults or adults with children, or even all four groups supporting each other. The climax could be seen during our well attended Christmas event. We prepared a drama performance that was a about what? – about a family! Three generations were played by youth, young adults and adults and it was all about God entering a dis-functional hurting family through “grandpa” sharing his faith. In the end, there was true unity and love between all family members. Without intention, “Mimi”, our youth leader, wrote this script and thus God confirmed the vision of 2017 to be fulfilled. A family is not perfect and we need constantly work on it. But a family happened through the covenant of a husband with his wife. God covenanted with His church to have Jesus and his bride (church) becoming this family.
        For 2018, a sister of our church mentioned this phrase of “serving one another”. In the beginning this sounded like a very general slogan, something that we always should do anyway. How can this be seen as a “vision” for this year. Well, “vision” means that we see a picture of something that we want to come into existence. After “becoming a family” (vision 2017), it would be very proper that we develop this attitude of “serving each other” in a deeper level. A family functions well, if everybody knows his gift and place and uses his strength to serve the other family members. The traditional model of family would see a mother cooking healthy food for the family and the father making sure that the family is taken care of financially. Even though this model is not necessarily a must, it still functions as a good example of mutual service. Imagine, the children are cleaning the dishes after a meal and allow “mom” to rest, then each of the family member is in service. The church is not only a “family” but also called the “body of Christ” with each believer being assigned a function in this body. My own conviction is that every person in church is important and called for a certain ministry. Only if we help each other to find our calling and “align” with the purposes of God, the bride can become a “beautiful bride”. Don’t try on your own to the “perfect bride of Christ”. It will never happen. And also, don’t just focus on other people’s weaknesses. Help them, cover those weaknesses, and start to see their potential for the church! When we develop a deeper sense of understanding what it means to “serve each other”, the family will be strengthened and the glory and wisdom of God can be seen in our fellowship! This will be an important part in sharing the Gospel, the “Good News” about Jesus who came to set us free, so we can serve one another in love!
        In Galatians 5:13, Paul is writing exactly about this principle! Through Jesus death on the cross, we are set free from the bondage of sin. When we make Jesus our Lord and Savior, we dethrone ourselves. We are forgiven and cleansed, able to receive complete healing by God’s grace. This freedom should cause us to rejoice, worship and enjoy God and live a new life by the power of God’s Spirit. Paul now says, that we need to understand the purpose of this freedom. When we go back to do what “we want” we actually lose this freedom again. We are set free to serve one another. We have the love of God, the patience of God, the strength of God, etc. to walk together as a family, carrying each other’s burden, ministering to each other and worshipping together!
        This year, 2018, could be a year where we serve one another in a deeper way. How can you build up your brothers and sisters? What is the gift that you can develop to be used by the Lord for building His church? You will benefit most, if you don’t ask “what about me?”, but rather “how can I serve them!”. This is a principle seen in many mature Christians that live a fulfilled life – they “serve one another”.
 “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love [serve] one another" (John 13:35).